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The project's implementation will preferably occur in small private properties whithin the Lear's macaw habitat region where the Licuri Palm (Syagrus coronata) is naturally found. Therefore we are going to:

  • To collect data about the amount of properties that have the means to recover the Licuri Palms population;
  • To identify the properties owners, or possible partners who wish to participate in the project;
  • To evaluate the individual implementation costs within the project's insterest regions;
  • To focus on bringing economical viability by means of activities that mantain sustainable practices;
  • To work in collaboration with the local community searching alternative practices that preserve the environment, specially in the Lear's macaw habitat regions;

Project's Programs

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Adopt a Macaw

Considering the necessary amount of Licuri Palms to keep a macaw alive for one year, the finantial resources from this program will be destined to the work together with the small property owners in order to preserve the number Licuri Palms required for the survival of the macaws.

Adopt Licuri Palms

Within the macaw's habitat there are places where cattle activities and deforestation are rapidaly advancing. In this program we aim to intruduce new preservation areas to protect the Licuri Palms forests and also the reproduction macaws destinations.

Craft Programs

In this program we aim to instruct the local community, to create market appeling crafted products, from the nuts that where not for use of the macaws alimentation, promoting alternative rentable practices whith deep sustainable basis.


Contributing and changing the fate of Lear's Macaws

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